Our business model and design ethos are steeped in intentionality and conscious creation. The business of shoemaking has not traditionally been lauded as an overly sustainable one. Yet, we are committed to doing our part, dedicated to improving and doing better wherever possible.

Here are a number of the initiatives we have implemented so far:

  1. We design with sustainability and purpose front of mind. Every shoe in our collection has a purpose and a reason. Nothing is unintentional. Because we work locally, we can keep small quantities, topping up different components as needed. Whether we are evolving a past season’s style or creating a new one, our expertise as shoemakers ensures that everything is adequately utilised. Any unused elements are simply incorporated into future collections.

  2. We are primarily made to order. We only create a small amount of stock at the beginning of each season, creating shoes throughout the season as orders come in. Because we are a small team, we can be nimble. With quick turnaround times, we can work following customers’ interest. This means we refrain from discounting or disposing of unsold stock because it is rare that we ever ‘make too much.’

  3. We source most of our materials locally. Although Australia may not be the country of origin, our materials, including the leathers used, are mostly the dead stock of other factories. As such, the materials and components have ended up here in Australia, often bound for landfills. Our accessories and trims come from a supplier in outer Melbourne, whose warehouse is full of leftover parts from when Melbourne’s shoemaking industry thrived. Our boxes are made locally in Dandenong, and our rubber soles are made to order from a supplier in Adelaide.

  4. We offer repairs and refurbishments on our shoes. We are committed to creating timeless shoes that last. As such, we offer repairs and refurbishments that prolong the life of the shoes, ensuring customers enjoy them beyond a single season.

  5. We recycle and compost wherever we can. At the studio, we are continually seeking to minimise our personal impact on the environment through recycling and composting. We also donate our leather scraps to schools and craftspeople.