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P.S.S is a manifestation of us, Breeze and Myra. We met making shoes in Melbourne/Naarm, a city rich with a history of shoemaking, that had sadly lost much of it's local industry to offshore manufacturers years prior.

The opportunity to begin our own studio was something we could not refuse. Purchasing machines and materials that would have otherwise been shipped offshore, P.S.S was born out of our love of shoemaking and a desire to keep the local industry alive.

In the studio you’ll find Breeze in her hat and many jackets, coffee in hand, labouring over a new design. A self-proclaimed problem solver, this New Zealand-born creative fell into shoemaking as a result of a lifelong struggle of finding shoes that fit, that were both comfortable and stylish - so she decided to make them herself. 

Myra is the organiser and operator of the business, a combination of creativity and boundless drive. Having first tried her hand at clothing, she realised working with the delicate nature of fabric was not for her. When she began making shoes, the sturdiness of leather immediately felt much more natural. She has been making shoes ever since.

Part-studio, part-design-house, we continue to create timeless, meticulously crafted shoes in our Abbotsford studio. Our shoes are made from locally sourced materials, with a commitment to sustainability and breaking patterns of environmental damage. We primarily make our shoes to order, with a unique business model that stands to keep the local shoe industry alive.