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P.S.S was founded in 2014 by Breeze and Myra, who met making shoes in Melbourne/Naarm, a city with a rich history of shoemaking that had sadly lost much of it's local industry to offshore manufacturers years prior.

The business, part-studio and part-design-house, was born out of our love of shoemaking and a desire to keep the local industry alive. We purchased machines and materials that would have otherwise been shipped offshore, and set out to make shoes that prioritised comfort and quality.

Ten years later, Breeze continues to make meticulously crafted shoes in our Abbotsford studio. Myra has since moved in a new direction, leaving P.S.S to start a family and focus on a new business, Shrunk Store. Together they designed and made timeless footwear - styles that will remain the foundations of the brand for years to come.

In the studio now, you’ll find Breeze in her hat and many jackets, coffee in hand, labouring away. A self-proclaimed problem solver, this New Zealand-born creative fell into shoemaking as a result of a lifelong struggle of finding shoes that fit. Born with one leg shorter than the other, the only solution she found was to make them herself.

With Breeze at the helm, P.S.S remains committed to making shoes locally, and as sustainably as possible. We primarily make to order, and offer customisations so our shoes fit perfectly. Our unique business model is constantly evolving with the world around us, but continues to stand to keep the Australian shoe industry alive.

Breeze, photographed by Shannon Powell