P.S.S is an ode to Australian-made shoes and the people who love to wear them.

We met making shoes in Melbourne/Naarm, a city rich with a history of shoemaking and manufacturing. Enthralled by stories of this once-bustling epicentre of shoemaking, we couldn’t help but feel saddened by the state of the local industry. Much of it had moved overseas years prior.

When we were offered the opportunity to begin our own studio, we knew it was something we could not refuse. Purchasing machines and materials that would have otherwise been shipped offshore, P.S.S was born out of our love of shoemaking and a desire to keep the local industry alive.

Part-studio, part-design-house, we continue to create timeless, meticulously crafted shoes in our Abbotsford studio. Our shoes are made from locally sourced materials, with sustainability and conscious creation top of mind. As shoemakers first and designers second, our unique and nuanced business approach has become a staple in Australia’s fashion industry. Our shoes are an amalgamation of functionality, comfort and design. They are a manifestation of our desire to craft beautiful, lasting shoes that people fall in love with.

  • Breeze and Myra (founders)

A little more about Breeze and Myra

If you wander into the studio, you’ll likely find Breeze in her hat and many jackets, coffee in hand, labouring over a new design. A self-proclaimed problem solver, this New Zealand-born creative fell into the craft of shoemaking as a result of a lifelong struggle of finding shoes that fit. She wanted something that was both comfortable and stylish. Yet, the perfect combination always seemed to elude her. And so, she decided to make them herself. Her capacity to unify the technical elements of shoemaking with her love of creativity rendered her a natural. She has been making shoes ever since.

Then, there’s Myra. The organiser and operator of the back end of the business, she is a combination of immense creativity and boundless drive. Having been a passionate fashion lover from a young age, she realised early on that working with the delicate nature of fabric was perhaps not for her. When she began making shoes, she knew it was love. The sturdiness of leather felt much more natural to her than fabric ever did. On any given day in the studio, you’ll find her either making shoes or tinkering with the business systems, discovering ways to optimise them and make them better.