The Process

Our shoes are a manifestation of our love of shoemaking. Identifying as shoemakers first and designers second, we take great pride in the craftsmanship of P.S.S shoes. Every shoe that exits our studio has been touched by the hands of our small team, exemplifying countless hours and years in the industry. Every detail is meticulously accounted for, from design inception to creation. It’s a laborious process, but for us, it’s second nature. It’s the bedrock of what we do.

For those so inclined, here is a brief overview of the shoemaking process:

  1. Designs are made; pattern making, sampling and the new patterns for production are set.
  2. Once this is done, all the different components are cut and the accessories are put together.
  3. It is stitched. Reinforcements are added. Seams are skived and folded.
  4. Once it’s been stitched, more prepping takes place. Holes are punched and laces done up.
  5. The insole is made. Depending on the shoe, it could be a fully covered sandal insole with a sponge or a premade insole with shank and tuck board.
  6. Each insole is covered with a sock. Each sock is stamped with a size and our logo.
  7. It is glued in preparation for the making. Simultaneously and with the help of our local supplier, the sole is prepared. The sole is then glued with the upper in preparation of lasting.
  8. It is lasted, which means the shoe is assembled into a 3D object. This could happen by hand for a sandal or with the help of machines if it is a fully enclosed shoe.
  9. Counters and toe puffs are heated at very high temperatures before being moulded over the last to give the shoe its shape.
  10. The shoe is then roughed and glued in preparation for the sole to go on.
  11. Once the glue has set and dried, both the shoe and the sole are re-activated and with the help of a press, the two components are attached.
  12. Following a final steam, polish and tidy up, the shoes are boxed and ready to send.