Shoe Care Guide
Thanks for investing in a pair of P.S.S. shoes. Please take some to read through the following information to ensure you get the best from your shoes.

General Care
1. Consider using a shoe horn and always completely undo shoe laces and buckles before putting shoes on or taking them off. This will ensure your shoes maintain their shape and avoids excess strain on fastenings.
2. Excess moisture, including sweat, can dam- age your shoes. Please ensure your shoes dry out naturally between each wear. Never dry shoes in close proximity to a heat source or in direct sun light for prolonged periods.
3. Keep in mind pale or brightly coloured leathers can stain relatively easily and generally scuff or mark more easily than darker leathers.
4. Examine your shoes regularly – bring them in for repairs before it is too late. Prevention is better than cure! See ‘repairs’.
5. We suggest having a protective sole applied to your shoes within the first few months of wear to ensure longevity. Protective soles and heels can be replaced as needed by any shoe repairer.
6. General wear and tear is inevitable. No shoe is indestructible, no matter the quality or price point. Issues arising from wear and tear or neglect do not necessarily constitute a manufacturing fault.
7. Please visit the ‘accessories’ page on our website for a list of shoe care products we endorse and recommend.

Leather/Suede Care
1. Use a good leather care balm. Regular application is recommended to keep leather hydrated and supple. Apply with a soft, lint free cloth. Let the balm penetrate the leather for 10 – 15 minutes before buffing off with a soft brush.
2. Coloured polishes are also useful to replen- ish the colour on most leathers. Remember to do a small test patch to ensure the polish is a match to the leather. Application is the same as for the balm.
3. To maintain suede use a special suede brush – simply brush when needed. A water proof- er may also be applied lightly on suede shoes as an added water repellent.

Kangaroo Veg Tan Care
1.Kangaroo leather is the strongest leather in the world due to its tight and dense fibre structure. The tanning process uses vege- table based natural tannins which have no negative environmental impact of the type associated with chemical tanning.
2. Our kangaroo hides come from one of the world’s best practice wild harvest operations based on firm management sustainability goals. Vegetable tanned kangaroo develops a rich and beautiful patina that gets betters with time and use.
3. With proper care the leather shouldn’t crack or dry out ensuring your shoes will have a very long life span. Your P.S.S Kangaroo Veg Tan shoes have been conditioned with our leather balm and protected with a wa- terproof spray.
4. For maintenance we recommend applying a neutral leather care balm every few months with a soft, lint free cloth before a light spray of water proofer. This will both nourish and protect the leather.

1. Please get in touch if your P.S.S. shoes require some repairs or maintenance. Most components can be either repaired or re- placed with original materials.
2. We aim to produce shoes that buck against the ‘fast fashion’ trend and as such we want to ensure the longevity of your shoes. To en- courage proper maintenance of your shoes we will happily cover the cost of returning your shoes back to you. You can get in touch via email ( with images and we will get back to you with a quote and go from there.